How to Apply Mineral Makeup

Foundation Powders

  • A little goes a long way as mineral powders are very concentrated. Do not "over work" the minerals. Your skin can become uneven looking from too much manipulation.
  • Loose foundation should be used with the luscious kabuki brush to provide sheer coverage with a dewey, flawless finish. Mix loose mineral with moisturizer for a creamy version. Foundation is fine enough for use in an airbrush. Use flat bronzer brush for full coverage finish.
  • If you want to use moisturizer underneath the mineral foundation, make sure moisturizer has completely absorbed into your skin before application; powder adheres most smoothly on lightly moisturized, but air dry skin.

Porcelain/Mineral Veil/Oat Powder

Oat powder is anti-inflamatory agent, brush lightly underneath the mineral foundation for sensitive skin, rosacea, and reduce appearance of large pore. Use Oat powder on top of mineral foundation to absorb excess oil and airbrush finish.


Use a damp, thin eyeliner brush and lightly touch it to the desired color, then apply it under the lower eyelashes and/or over your upper eyelashes.

Eye Shadows

Dip sponge applicator or brush in the desired color and lightly apply it on your eyelid. Choose a lighter color as a highlighter to apply above your eyelids or under your eyebrows. For a more dramatic and matte look, apply with a damp sponge.

Nail Polish

With clear nail polish, dip the brush into the desired color and apply it to your nails in an even, smooth stroke. Or you can mix some clear polish with the desired color in a small container first before you apply it on your nails.

Lip Gloss

Use clear lip gloss (or chapstick) and mix with your desired color, then apply it to your lips.

Body Bronzer

The shimmering powder makes a wonderful body highlighter. Dip the blending brush into the desired color and spread a light coat over shoulder, chest area and leg for a beautiful shimmering glow.

Hair Highlighter

Use hairspray as directed, then dip your brush into the desired color. Apply the color to your hair from the root to the end in streaks.