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mineral makeup, mineral cosmetics

mineral makeup, mineral cosmetics, natural make up, mineral make upWe all want to look good naturally. In a perfect world, we could face anyone barefaced and confident, but most of us need a helping hand from makeup. Makeup is one area where many people compromise, opting for ease of application, staying power, and color selection instead of natural ingredients.

Consider the ingredients list of an average bottle of liquid foundation. Water is at the beginning, followed by silicones, talc, glycerin, paraffin, synthetic wax, aluminum starch, sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic fragrance and some FDA-approved pigment. All of these ingredients have been shown to block skin pores and cause irritation in human studies. Lets remove all the irritants, potential and proven toxins, and fragrance, and what are we left with? A pinch of mineral pigments.

NO wonder which nothing more than powdered minerals, (Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide mica) is becoming choice health-conscious models, celebrities, artists. Thanks latest technologies, minerals can be milled so finely microscopic size they stick the skin’s surface without any for additional binding slip agents as silicones, and since powder contains no water, there’s no need to use preservatives either. But some researchers say that such wonderful qualities of mineral makeup come at a price.

Your foundation is going to sit on your face all day long, so going mineral helps you avoid unnecessary synthetic fillers and preservatives contained in a conventional foundation. Cleverly formulated mineral foundations will also help protect your face from sun exposure and excessive sebum production.

Invented 30 years ago, mineral foundations are quickly becoming the hottest selling mineral makeup product. Those who love and use mineral makeup praise the dewy, natural, long lasting glow and ability to layer the powder over problem area without added bulk. Most important, pure formulations without synthetic bulk are safer and better for sensitive and acne or rosacea prone skin, especially after cosmetic surgeries. Another big advantage of mineral makeup is, its built in sun protection (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide).

As Always, don’t be fooled by “all natural” or “all mineral formula” on the label. Mineral makeup can still contain paraben preservatives and other fillers such as rice powder or flour.

What to look for in a sunscreen...

To begin with, a good sunscreen should contain active ingredient that protect us from all types of sun radiation. Green beauty embraces mineral, physical sun block. Wearing a mineral sunscreen is like wearing thousands of tiny mirrors on the skin that reflect the sun’s rays. They sit on top of the skin and are less irritating than sunscreens. Mineral sunscreens include zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Both minerals have a wider spectral range of activity than any synthetic sunscreen ingredients. While the entire range of UVA and UVB radiation is 280-400nm, titanium dioxide’s range of protection is 270-700 nm, and zinc dioxide shields from rays ranging from 290-700 nm.

Conventional sunscreen lotion is packed with petroleum-derived emollient, penetration enhancers, parabens, formaldehyde preservatives, and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Heat, rubbing, and perspiration drive these ingredients deeper into the skin. Generous use of toxic sunscreen and other skin care products could be another reason why the rates of cancers have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Spend a minute reading the ingredients label and avoid harsh chemical ingredients. This is easier said than done because many sun screen products that are advertised as “natural” actually contain the same active chemical ingredient as mainstream brands. However, their ability to trigger allergies and irritation is supercharged by sitting in the sun. Another downside of chemical ingredients is that they are not photostable and start breaking down when they have been exposed to the sun. So you have to keep applying after few hours. (The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel, registered holistic nutritionist)

Mineral Glow® offers a complete line of mineral cosmetics which includes mineral make up foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows and under eye concealers. Our mineral make up does not contain any talc, oil, alcohol, dyes or perfume that affect allergies, clog pores, cake, crease or clump. Our cosmetic mineral make up is designed for highly sensitive skin, such as post-laser and acne-prone. Formulation is as light as air, it lets your skin breathe and provides glowing skin coverage. Just brush on the weightless micro mineral powder and you have a foundation base, blush, and eye shadow. The results are amazing and your complexion will be radiant and healthy looking.

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